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Cham Korean (English ver.) Pronunciation 1

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  • I love your teaching so much. Thank you

    jacksmith Reply
  • thank you teacher.very clear your teaching

    sarana pagoda Reply
  • thank you teacher, I need mp3

    cha seong hyeon Reply
  • thank so much for this program

    Kang Vannara Reply
  • Thank so much. This programm very helpful for the busy people

    nguyen the pha Reply
  • this course is sooo coool Reply
  • I am unable to see the videos.. getting error as ‘this video is not available’

    kali Reply
    • Hi KALI, if you are getting this error just try to reload page once, usually it happens if you just leave page for more than 5 minutes without watching it. Please let me know if you still have this error~

      Hyoung Reply
  • Why can’t I not play the sample video ?

    joecosta1975 Reply

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