TOPIK Plus+ Writing

These courses based on the old system of exam which are still very useful and which will develop the ability in Korean language. Through given courses we will consider more deeply Writing part in 3~4 levels.

Lessons: 15
Certificate: No
Level: 123456
Period: Forever

TOPIK Plus+ Writing

TOPIK Plus+ Writing suggests you way to make a structure for TOPIK Writing60thumb_WR555. It needs to know the basic elements of essays. Then also need to practice build up your own way to make Writing structure. It cannot be available by once. You need to step by step and keep in your mind that "Practice makes Perfect!" Especially this lecture focuses on Intermediate level but it is also very helpful for whom want to step forward to advanced level.


1. Writing 1
2. Writing 2
3. Writing 3
4. Writing 4
5. Writing 5
6. Writing 6
7. Writing 7
8. Writing 8
9. Writing 9
10. Writing 10
11. Writing 11
12. Writing 12
13. Writing 13
14. Writing 14
15. Writing 15




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