TOPIK 1 Beginner – Actual Practice

TOPIK 1 Beginner – Actual Practice

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  • Lectures:22
  • Total time:780 minutes
  • Course Level:0123456
  • Language:Korean
  • Period:Forever
  • Exam:No

Content: Grammar (1~4) / Reading (5~8)  /  Writing (9~11)  /  Listening(12~16)  / irregular verbs and honorific (17) /  Practice (18~22) TOPIK 1 Beginner Actual Practice aims is to enable learners to acquire all the TOPIK questions and gives detailed explanation of grammar items. TOPIK beginner lecture features integration of vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, and listening. TOPIK beginner lecture  Helps you with irregular verbs and honorific. Self–Assessment is possible as well Through TOPIK practice.


  • Professor Esther

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  • Thank you for all the video. It’s the best way to learn korean. Thank you teacher.

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  • Thank you for the class. This is great practice to review for my test.

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  • hi my name is sohiba .thank you for the class

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  • You motivated me to learn Korean, thnx…

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  • The best tutor I have ever seen !!! Thnx a lot!!!

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  • Hello, everyone! Was anyone able to download the pdf-material?

    Natallia Mazol Reply
    • Not me ..

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