Let’s learn Hangul in Tagalog (Filipino)

Hangul in Tagalog course and Filipino teacher will help you to understand very quickly the basics of korean language. Through this course we will learn consonants & vowels, proper pronunciation and figure out the basics of korean grammar.

Lessons: 5
Certificate: No
Level: 123456
Period: Forever

Hangul for Filipino course provides well organized Korean lectures about Korean alphabet, consonants & vowels, pronunciation, and grammar for learners
who either start learning Korean or who wants to strengthen the basics of Korean language.
With Hangul for Filipino course, you will learn accurate pronunciation, words’ meaning and get to know how to write Korean alphabet, Hangul.

Hangul for Filipino course has 5 chapters of Korean alphabets & pronunciation.
For the further understanding, take the Cham Korean lectures and  the same titled textbook “Cham Korean 1” will make learning easier.


1. Hangul for Filipino Lesson 1
2. Hangul for Filipino Lesson 2
3. Hangul for Filipino Lesson 3
4. Hangul for Filipino Lesson 4
5. Hangul for Filipino Lesson 5


Teacher Maynard



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