Cham Korean level 1 – Regular Course English ver.

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By chamin | Published: September 25, 2014 |
Cham Korean level 1 – Regular Course English ver.

Course Specification:

  • Lectures:32
  • Total time:1500 minutes
  • Course Level:0123456
  • Recommended:

    Before get started need to study Learn Korean Alphabet, English ver.

  • Language:Korean / English
  • Period:Forever
  • Exam:No
  • Certification:Certificate in the end of the Course
  • Benefit:Having Certificate Level 1 it is possible to enter level 2 in University of Seoul.

Purpose of the course

Cham Korean level 1 – is online English course provides well organized Korean lectures about Korean alphabet, consonants, vowels, pronunciation, and grammar for learners who either start learning Korean or who wants to strengthen the basics of Korean language. With this course, you will learn accurate pronunciation and grammatical rules, words’ meaning and usage in a script so that you can make a conversation.

What am I going to learn from this course?

– The course has 32 chapters consisting of 5 preview chapters with Korean alphabets, pronunciation and 27 main chapters with vocabulary, grammar and useful expressions. – Each of the main chapter has mainly two sessions, “grammar” and “practice”. In the grammar session, two or three rules related to the chapter are explained on an electronic bulletin board so that you can solve questions in the practice session. – Moreover, each chapter offers other activity sessions: “one step further” to build word power,“listen and talk” and “read and talk” for better understanding. The same titled textbook “Cham Korean 1” will make learning easier.


  • Professor Nam
  • Taught Korean for beginners at Chongshin University Korean Language Institute (Internship, 2014. 7~8) Certificate of Completion in Korean Language Teachers Program (2014. 5)/ Certificate of Korean Instructor (2002. 8) Master of Arts in TESOL, San Jose State University (2013. 12) Taught English to newcomersat Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County (Volunteer teacher, 2013. 7-12)

Discussions: 6

  • Broken link lesson 3, cant continue unless mark as completed

    Silvia Reply
  • I succesfully finished the level, but there was no certificate, in the course description it states a cetificate will be issued, but there was none.
    Where can I receive my certification?

    P.S. Thanks for the course, it was a great experience.

    Javier Magana Reply
  • Why i cannt download my cetificatate???

    Yunita Widiastuti Reply
  • i did the first 3 lesson. until pronunciation. but it does not state i completed it. there is no indicator. how can i monitor the classes are finished i listened too.
    thks for feedback

    ilse444 Reply
  • I cannot access the lessons. Pls help

    ilse444 Reply
  • I can’t access the lessons either

    joecosta1975 Reply

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