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Anywhere, anytime! Ubiquitous Korean Language world

Korean Education Cop. TOPIK KOREA has established Korean Language e-learning Center. 
We help to realize your dream in learning Korean language by breaking down the regional barrier.
You can learn Korean language regardless of the area, region and country. Anywhere, anytime!

We promise you

-The best e-learning contentspicture_1
-Professional Korean instructors with more than 6 year-experience.
-Multilingual-lecture services available

What you have in TOPIK KOREA e-Learning center

– Learning basic Korean courses in your mother tongue
– TOPIK lectures for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advaced level.
– Guidance for the New TOPIK which has been effective from July 2014.
– Free Online TOPIK test.

– PC, tablet PC, and smart phone available for All the lectures.

Promise the day that the world can communicate with everyone in Korean!



Thank you

To be first, TOPIK KOREA




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